About Founders

Mrs. Priyanka Dipak Gosavi
Entrepreneur | Founder & Director | Interior Designer

“Mrs. Priyanka Gosavi, a respected interior designer since 2013 and successful entrepreneur in Mumbai since 2018. As the founder of Envisage Institute of design, acclaimed as the best designing institute in Mumbai, she has empowered thousands of students, delivering numerous talented designers to the market. Join her transformative journey with the best designing institute in Mumbai and unlock your potential in the world of design.”

Mr.Dipak Gosavi Entrepreneur |Founder & Director | MBA Marketing

Dipak Gosavi, esteemed Director of Mumbai’s top fashion designing institute, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of fashion education. With a visionary approach, Gosavi has steered the institute to new heights, emphasizing innovation, creativity, and industry relevance. Under his leadership, the institute has earned a reputation for nurturing aspiring designers into industry-ready professionals. Gosavi’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the institute’s comprehensive curriculum, which integrates both theoretical foundations and practical skills essential for success in the competitive world of fashion. His strategic guidance ensures that students not only acquire technical proficiency but also develop a keen understanding of global fashion trends and sustainable practices. Gosavi’s dedication to fostering creativity and pushing boundaries has positioned the institute as a preferred choice for aspiring fashion designers in Mumbai and beyond.

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