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Welcome to ENVISAGE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, Mumbai’s premier destination for fashion and interior design education! As the best fashion design institute in Mumbai and the top interior design institute in Mumbai, we are dedicated to helping you unleash your creative potential and succeed in these dynamic fields.

With a strong focus on practical skills and creativity, our courses are designed to prepare you for exciting careers in fashion and interior design. Whether you dream of becoming a trendsetting fashion designer or a visionary interior Designer, we have the programs to help you achieve your goals.





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Our Courses

Best Designing Institute

1/2/3 Year Diploma
Fashion Design

Fashion Design Diploma Certification provided in affiliation with the central government of India

Best Designing Institute

Degree Program
Fashion Design

(In technical collaboration with UGC Recognized University

Best Designing Institute

International Residential Program

Get a chance to study Fashion Design in MILAN. Fashion capital of the world

Best Designing Institue

1/2/3 Year Diploma
Interior Design

Interior Design Diploma Certification provided in affiliation with the central government of India

Best Designing Institute

Degree Program
Interior Design

(In technical collaboration with UGC Recognized University

Best Designing Institute

International Residential Program

Get a chance to study Interior Design in MILAN. Design capital of the world

Why Envisage International Institue ?

  1. International Live Masterclasses
    every week along with certification
  2. Affordable fee structure with 12 easy installments.
  3. 25+ creative workshops  in a year.
  4. Ergonomically Designed Classrooms 
  5. WIFI campus
  6. Industrial Machines
  7. Located near Station

We Follow Best Practices

Events & Workshops

Our approach focuses on the all-round development of students.

We Are Leading International Institute In The World

Our Founders

Priyanka Gosavi


Dipak Gosavi


What Our Clients Say



A number of factors contribute to making the decision on your dream school. Envisage has been equipped with all such factors, well-qualified Faculty’s, state of the art infrastructure , internationally, industry, oriented curriculum. It is one of the best fashion designing institute in Mumbai.
I totally recommend this institution to anyone who has been looking for interior design or fashion design courses.

Dishi Jain

I believe that this is the best institute for fashion studies to develop your Skills according to current trends and techniques is one with the best-in-class faculty. I loved my experience there as I got the opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn many things in the process. I am thankful to all my teachers and mentors who helped me achieve my goals. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I have a lifetime of good memories.

Raksha Jain

I have done my fashion designing course from Envisage. It has led to the foundation of my education and career in the FASHION industry. The atmosphere and faculty of the organization is extremely warm and friendly. The on-ground experience and field trips we took have taught me a lot. I enjoyed my time, and I’m sure any future students who are looking at pursuing that creative career little too!​

Mittal Bhanushali

Being someone with deep - rooted interest in designing and creativity joining Envisage was the best decision. And with the mentors who inspire students to push through each challenge, it has made me so confident that now I envision a fulfilling career in the field of fashion industry​

Shikha Shah

"My time at Envisage institute of design was transformative. Expert faculty, innovative curriculum, and a collaborative environment equipped me for success in fashion and interior design. I highly recommend it for anyone passionate about top-tier design education."

Hetvi Prajaapati

"My journey at Envisage Design of Institute has been transformative. With expert faculty and a hands-on curriculum, it honed my skills in fashion and interior design. The collaborative environment fueled creativity, turning my passion into a promising career. Highly recommend for aspiring designers."

Devanshi gada

" EnvisageInstitute of design has been my creative haven. Expert faculty, innovative curriculum, and a supportive environment prepared me for success in design. Highly recommend for aspiring designers."

Ashita kolge

"My experience at Envisage institute of design has been transformative. With a dynamic curriculum, hands-on learning, and dedicated faculty, I gained practical skills and industry exposure. The collaborative environment and cutting-edge facilities make it a top choice for aspiring designers. Highly recommend!"

Gagan Vishwakarma

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average annual income for entry-level interior designers is around 4 lakh, while experienced interior designers can make up to 30 lakh. The amount of money you make relies on a variety of things, including your degree, where you work, your experience, and the size of the company.

Depending on the opportunity and the brand, 15,000 to 35,000. Your salary may increase to two lakhs per month as you get experience in the profession. Fashion designers have employment options outside of India as well

Yes, interior design is an excellent career to pursue, especially if you want to use your creativity in the most straightforward ways possible. It provides you with amazing job satisfaction while also enabling you to utilize your innate abilities.

A fashion designer who has completed Fashion design courses  successfully graduated from the Best designing institute in Mumbai is suitable for the role that includes the ability to plan out an idea, prototype the idea into a product independently, and later market the final product creatively within a highly competitive industry. There are a few combinations of fundamental skills required to be a fashion designer such as creative abilities, technical skills, and business understanding whose trainings are provided by the Best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai.

12th standard for Undergraduate diploma, 3-year degree/ diploma for a Post Graduate diploma

Institute often have connections with industry professionals, brands, and organizations, providing students with opportunities for mentorship, workshops, and networking events.

The Fashion Design Institute offers a range of courses including diploma in fashion design, fashion merchandising, textile design, and fashion marketing.

Interior Design Institute often stay informed through industry partnerships, guests lectures, field trips, and by incorporating the latest trends and technologies into their curriculum

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